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If you've never learned about the history of the PDF file,
it's Pretty Darn Fascinating

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100% Would Poop Here Again Cards

For the past week, my days have consisted of two phases: DAY liquid cold medicine and NIGHT liquid cold medicine.

I pooped here! Rated #1 4 #2.
Official Brown Seal of Approval
100% would poop here again
The calling card that shows you care

While I’d like to be recording videos, I usually cough too much when I start speaking. So instead I’ve been busy noodling in CorelDraw. And now… I present my latest idea/design:

I pooped here! satisfaction cards. Now when you particularly enjoy a bathroom, you can leave a little “something extra.”

Giving them an “Official Brown Seal of Approval” is sure to put a smile on someone’s face.

Show how much you recognize that they put in the effort and give them a #1 4 #2 card!

They’ll be available in a 54 card tuck box that you’ll be proud to carry with you. It’s a surefire conversation starter!

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Don’t be empty-handed next time you come across magnificent facilities!
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Hudson Yards – The Vessel

Having lived in the Bronx for a few years now, my take on it is:

If you have to ask where the bathroom is…

you’re standing in it.

– Eric Shefferman
The Vessel 6 The Vessel 4

Photos of The Vessel by Raphe EvanoffLicense

It certainly is a big thing. Read more about it here:

The Vessel in Hudson Yards Has Finally Opened to the Public

The Thomas Heatherwick–designed structure has been controversial, as some have likened its shape to a doner kebab, while others believe it could be New York’s Eiffel Tower

Behind the Scenes – First Prototype Pics

Here’s some first-look pictures of the prototype boxes for A Game of Porcelain Thrones:

box fronts
box backs

It’s the kind of game you just want to slip in your pocket and take it with you everywhere!

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Prior Use: The IGN UK Podcast

They’ve got their toilet humor down pat…

All this under whilst one member tries to keep his insides from exploding live on the podcast.



Everybody likes the phrase “A Game of Porcelain Thrones”!

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