Get a FREE PnP of the “Let it mellow” Edition

If you want a better idea of what the game looks like, download the free PnP PDF file for the Yellow “Let it mellow” Edition of A Game of Porcelain Thrones.

All you have to do is sign up for the email notification list so that you’ll get an email when there’s AGOPT news and when the Kickstarter goes live.

Click here for the signup page.

When you sign up, you will automatically be sent a confirmation email. Open THAT email and click the link and you’ll automatically be sent ANOTHER email which will contain a link. (There’s a predictable pattern to all this.) THAT link will take you to your nice fancy new PDF file.

THEN you can do an excited little dance of joy as you open it with your Adobe Acrobat Reader (or similar program).

Print it out as you wish, cut the cards apart and all that fun stuff, and you can be up and playing A Game of Porcelain Thrones!

If you've never learned about the history of the PDF file,
it's Pretty Darn Fascinating

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