The Doodybomb Exploding Story

Some of the inspiration for items and events in A Game of Porcelain Thrones comes from the deep, dark recesses of my childhood.

When my brother Dave was a little kid, he was at the doctors office and in the waiting room there was another kid who was playing with dice. This is as best as I can remember of the story:

The kid says “If I roll a 6, I’m a doodybomb exploding.”
He rolls the die.
He shouts, “It’s a 6! I’m a doodybomb exploding!”

And that term has stuck with me to this day.
Now I’ve immortalized it in A Game of Porcelain Thrones.

It must be more than 40 years since that kid said that.
I wonder what he’s doing now?

David and Eric (me) in 2010
Seriously, nobody loves a doodybomb exploding…