Origin Story: The TURD in SaTURDay

Back around 1990 or so, I went out one night with my buddy Adam. We were supposed to meet his friend Alex at some bar in (I think) the Island Park area. Or something like that.

We wound up at this tiny, dirty little bar that had a band getting ready to play.

That band was BROWN PLOPPY.

Knowing Alex, this surely seemed like we had gotten the directions wrong and wound up at the wrong place. So wrong, that it was just right…

This being before cell phones were invented, there wasn’t much we could do. And then the band started to play. And oh, how they played. They sang songs about hookers and boogers and diarrhea soup.

And on their band flyers, they proudly proclaimed in a scrawled mess:

Putting the TURD back in Saturday!

Now, with the power of the internet at my disposal, I can learn more about Brown Ploppy and their unfortunate demise.

Sadly, I don’t have a copy of their flyer anymore, nor do I have any recording of their music.

All I have is the phrase I carry in my heart: “Putting the TURD back in Saturday!”

And now, I give to you a new way that you can put the TURD into your Saturday nights… A Game Of Porcelain Thrones.

Thanks for being here!
– The Plunger
(Eric Shefferman)

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