Behind the Scenes – First Prototype Pics

Here’s some first-look pictures of the prototype boxes for A Game of Porcelain Thrones:

box fronts
box backs

It’s the kind of game you just want to slip in your pocket and take it with you everywhere!

You can be the first kid on your block to get a copy! Just sign up for the email notification and you’ll get an email as soon as the Kickstarter goes live!

The Doodybomb Exploding Story

Some of the inspiration for items and events in A Game of Porcelain Thrones comes from the deep, dark recesses of my childhood.

When my brother Dave was a little kid, he was at the doctors office and in the waiting room there was another kid who was playing with dice. This is as best as I can remember of the story:

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Origin Story: The TURD in SaTURDay

Back around 1990 or so, I went out one night with my buddy Adam. We were supposed to meet his friend Alex at some bar in (I think) the Island Park area. Or something like that.

We wound up at this tiny, dirty little bar that had a band getting ready to play.

That band was BROWN PLOPPY.

Knowing Alex, this surely seemed like we had gotten the directions wrong and wound up at the wrong place. So wrong, that it was just right…

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